Ophthalmic astronotus - power and mind

Ophthalmic astronotus (Latin: Astronotus ocellatus), or as it is also called tiger astronotus and oscar, is a large and brightly colored cichlid from South America. In addition to size and coloring, it is also characterized as a very smart and interesting fish. This fish, elegant in adolescence, grows very quickly to its maximum size (up to 35 cm) and inevitably attracts the attention of any aquarist.

Chub - a fish with a big head

Chub or smut or smut - fish belonging to the genus of dace, family of cyprinids. This is a freshwater fish, whose body length reaches 80 centimeters, and weighs up to 8 kilograms. The chub has a large head, slightly flattened at the top. The body is covered with large scales. The chub feeds on young crayfish, flying insects, frogs and other fish.

Do-it-yourself drinker for a hamster

For a long and healthy life, the hamster is very important equipped home. In nature, animals instinctively equip their minks in the best way for themselves. In captivity, a person should take care of this. The main rule for keeping most pets is access to fresh drinking water.

Taipan snake. Taipan snake lifestyle and habitat

Features and habitat of the Taipan snake Taipan (from the Latin Oxyuranus) is a genus of one of the most poisonous and dangerous reptiles on our planet from the squamous squad, a family of aspids. There are only three species of these animals: - Coastal taipan (from the Latin Oxyuranus scutellatus). - Cruel or desert snake (from the Latin Oxyuranus microlepidotus).

The fastest dinosaur - gypsilophodon

Gypsilophodon (Hypsilophodon) is a genus of herbivorous dinosaurs that lived 125-120 million years ago, about the length of the body approximately corresponds to the growth of a person. Among dinosaurs, he was the equivalent of a modern gazelle. On a small head was a large, sharp eye and a horny beak with teeth and a cheek pocket for storing food.